Good day, dear colleagues!


Hope my letter finds you well.Saratov State Agrarian University invites to cooperate in the area of specialists preparation for the agro-industrial complex.

Currently, Saratov State Agrarian University is one of the largest and leading educational, scientific and production centers of the Russian Federation. In the ranking of agrarian universities of Russia, the university occupies a leading position and is among the hundred best universities in Russia. Given the extensive experience in the development of international activities in the field of education, Saratov State Agrarian University became a member of the Consortium of supporting educational organizations - exporters of Russian education, which consists of 39 leading Russian universities.

Following the path of internationalization of education, the university currently has 1038 foreign citizens from 38 countries of the near and far abroad.

Training programs were developed for teaching foreign students at the preparatory department, where students are taught in groups: in Russian, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science. There are also training programs with partial instruction in the language of the mediator (English Medium) in such training areas as "Veterinary", "Agronomy", "Agroengineering", "Biotechnology" and "Technology of production and processing of agricultural products."

The material and technical base of our university provides for practice-oriented students at educational, scientific and technological centers of the Saratov State Agrarian University. The structure of the educational and scientific production association "Volga" includes experimental fields of 4000 hectares (hectares), equipped with modern technology and sowing units. The Agrocenter training and research and production complex includes 4.9 hectares of glass greenhouses. The Educational, Scientific and Technological Center "Veterinary Hospital" is the largest operating veterinary clinic in the city of Saratov, where students have practice in the direction of "Veterinary". The educational and scientific testing laboratory for determining the quality of food and agricultural products is accredited by Rosakkreditation for the right to conduct tests in the framework of declaration, certification, inspection and production control of products.

Graduates of our university receive a comprehensive education. They have the necessary level of theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing them to work successfully in agro-industrial enterprises in the following areas:

  • agroecology and agroengineering;
  •  livestock, fish farming, poultry; viticulture and beekeeping;
  • forest, landscape gardening and landscape construction; entrepreneurship, banking and agribusiness; food and processing industry;
  • in the areas of service, trade and veterinary services; in higher education institutions, technical schools and research institutes;
  • in administrative and management organizations of the agroindustrial complex of the Volga region and Russia.

For all foreign citizens - students and students of the preparatory department a student hostel will be provided.

The demonstration materials are attached. Terms of cooperation with agencies are discussed individually.We are open for communication and please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.